John Shirley
Pearl Youth Court Judge
Post Office Box 5426
Pearl, MS 39288-5426

The Mission

Reduce Juvenile Crime
Changing Thinking and Decision Making

Why Faith-Based?

Youth that come through the Youth Court system are either abused or neglected or delinquent (have committed an act which would be considered a crime if they were an adult).

Many of the delinquent youth come from homes where they are taught morals and the youth has made a bad decision and will, hopefully, learn from the consequences of that bad decision and not commit another crime.

Some, however, donít have a positive role model at home and may continue to commit crimes unless they have someone to teach them morals.

Faith-Based Groups (Churches) have the ability to spend time with these youth and teach them morals.



A personal relationship that:

Mentoring is NOT...

Team Mentoring

Mentoring Team Members Responsibilities

Matching Youth with Mentors

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